Who should take this course: Administrators, Teachers, Para-Professionals, Social Workers, and Counselors in preschool through high school. CEU’s and CPDU’s available.

This course will teach you: How to have energy left at the end of your day. How to diffuse power struggles. How to bring joy back to the classroom. Time-tested and effective skills which can be immediately implemented.

Available formats: A 9-module, multi-media, interactive workshop series (presented weekly or monthly) OR shorter in-service presentations tailored to your need.

Next steps: Contact us to find out how you can offer these programs at your school.

9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom ©

Rediscover why you became a teacher in the first place!

This highly acclaimed program is designed to present the most critical and useful Love and Logic © techniques for the ultimate classroom.

Teachers, administrators, para-professionals, social workers, and counselors will learn how to be positive role models in this delightfully effective course which promotes healthy teacher/student, teacher/parent, and teacher/administrator interactions. 9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom © guides educators through structured scenarios focused on positive learning and focused control in situations that normally bring on stress and struggles.

Learn the power of empathy and develop stronger relationships, while learning to defuse tense situations. Become calmer and more effective and have fun teaching [counseling, administrating] again!

You will come away from this course knowing how to:

  • Delay consequences and why to do so
  • Apply empathy to remain focused
  • Establish the recovery process
  • Set limits with enforceable standards
  • Use choices to prevent power struggles
  • Prevent behavior problems instead of reacting to them
  • Guide students to successfully solve their own problems
  • In addition to finding these skills immediately effective, educators across the country have found them beneficial in dealing with children suffering from ADD, RAD, ADHD and other disorders.

  • We Believe:
  • Being in a family should be fun!
  • You don’t need a nanny in order to have a happy home.
  • All families are uniquely formed and structured.
  • All families have strengths.
  • All families have individual and shared needs.
  • All families deserve to have those needs met.
  • Any family can re-design itself...at any time.
  • There are SOLUTIONS to every problem.

  • All presentations include:
  • The best of Love & Logic tailored to your client base, institution, audience
  • Hand-outs relevant to specific topic or group
  • Guidance in selecting materials for additional study
  • CEU’s for service providers
  • Plenty of time for Q&A

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