Who should take this course: Scout Leaders, coaches, choir directors, anyone dealing with kids.

This course will give you: Time-tested, simple skills so you can enjoy leading, directing, coaching again.

Available formats: A 9-module, multi-media, interactive workshop series (presented weekly or monthly), or shorter individual presentations tailored to your needs.

Next steps: Contact us to find out how you can implement this course at your facility.

Successful, Stress-Free Leadership

Just loving scouting, being a former scout, raising your own kids, having a desire to help children succeed isn't enough. Managing a troop requires a different skill set to elicit the cooperation necessary to help the group to succeed, the kids to feel comfortable, and the leaders to actually have FUN leading.

This easy to understand, simple to implement, incredibly effective program, is an excellent in-service tool and a must for every leader. Nine classes, or “modules,” are included in this entertaining multimedia program. Each one takes approximately two hours to present and contains powerful skills that can be applied immediately. This program builds strong troops where leaders love to lead and scouts want to follow.

The workshop setting utilizes interactive discussion so you will learn how to:

  • Neutralize arguments and learn the importance of empathy
  • Learn how and why you should delay consequences
  • Set attainable limits with enforceable statements
  • Learn to offer choices to avoid power struggles
  • Develop positive role relationships
  • Become a more effective group leader

  • We Believe:
  • Being in a family should be fun!
  • You don’t need a nanny in order to have a happy home.
  • All families are uniquely formed and structured.
  • All families have strengths.
  • All families have individual and shared needs.
  • All families deserve to have those needs met.
  • Any family can re-design itself...at any time.
  • There are SOLUTIONS to every problem.

  • All presentations include:
  • The best of Love & Logic tailored to your client base, institution, audience
  • Hand-outs relevant to specific topic or group
  • Guidance in selecting materials for additional study
  • CEU’s for service providers
  • Plenty of time for Q&A

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